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Real Estate Investment Fraud Attorneys

Real estate investment offers numerous opportunities for profit in Georgia, but it’s also fraught with risks of fraud. Awareness and vigilance are key to protecting your investments from the array of scams that can lead to significant financial losses.

If you are facing criminal charges or under investigation of Real Estate related Fraud then you need a criminal defense attorney ready to take on your case.

What is Real Estate Investment Fraud?

Defining the Crime

Real estate investment fraud in Georgia involves deceptive practices and the use of false information to lure investors into making financial commitments under misleading pretenses. The type of investment often influences the potential for fraud. This could range from fake property listings to complex Ponzi schemes disguised as legitimate investments.

Common Schemes

Investors might encounter various fraudulent schemes such as:

  • Property Flipping with Overstated Values: Investors are tricked into paying inflated prices based on misrepresented property values.
  • Loan Flipping: Predatory lenders refinance loans multiple times, each time imposing new fees, trapping investors in a cycle of debt.
  • Foreclosure Relief Frauds: Scammers promise to save properties from foreclosure in exchange for fees but fail to deliver any real assistance.

Examples of Real Estate Investment Fraud

Justice Department Cases

Recent prosecutions by the U.S. Department of Justice highlight the severity and diversity of real estate fraud. For instance, cases of bid-rigging at auctions and mortgage fraud have been prosecuted, involving falsification of property values and deceit about the health of investments.


In one notable Atlanta case, an investment company CEO was charged with securities fraud after misleading investors about the financial status of his company, leading to over $1.5 million in losses. The case underscores the critical need for thorough due diligence and the importance of transparency in real estate investments.

What Can You Be Charged With?


Participation in real estate investment fraud can result in charges such as securities fraud, conspiracy, and wire fraud. The penalties can be severe, including fines, restitution, and imprisonment.

Prevention and Legal Defense

If facing allegations of real estate fraud, it’s crucial to engage a knowledgeable attorney who specializes in securities and real estate fraud. These professionals can navigate the complexities of federal and state laws to mount an effective defense and advise on best practices to avoid legal pitfalls.

Real Estate investment can be complex, and the potential for fraud is significant. Whether you’re an experienced investor or new to the field, understanding the risks and legal landscape is crucial. If you suspect fraudulent activity or face charges, consult promptly with a reputable real estate fraud lawyer to protect your investments and navigate the challenges effectively.

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When you decide to launch an appeal, every moment is critical. Criminal statutes have strict time limits on appeals, so you need to act quickly and hire an appellate attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable and willing to efficiently and effectively review the entire court order of your case.

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When someone is arrested in Georgia the impact could remain long after the case is closed. If a case is not closed out properly, it could lead to issues with employment, housing, financial loans, educational tuition and the like.

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