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At Arora Law, we understand how complex fraud cases and laws are. If you’ve been charged or accused with a White-Collar crime like PPP Fraud, you should hire a criminal defense attorney with experience with White-Collar Crime. Call us at (404) 609-4664 or contact us online for a free initial consultation. We proudly assist Spanish-speaking clients. (Se habla Español.)


PPP Fraud is a kind of fraud tied to the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the SBA has started this program with the goal of helping small businesses meet their needs through government backed loans. 

As with any well intentioned program and social crisis, fraud can and has occurred. The justice department has accused or charged hundreds of individuals with participant or being linked to PPP Fraud


Many times fraud cases can be very complex and take years to unravel. Most individuals charged or accused of fraud are prominent members of their industries and/or high-level individuals in society. A fraud charge can seriously harm someone’s reputation. Arora Law focuses on preserving a person’s rights and fighting for their constitutionally guaranteed rights at every step of the way. It is highly recommended to contact an experienced, able, and focused Criminal Defense attorney if you are charged or accused with fraud like PPP Fraud. 

Below are some of the charges associated with PPP Fraud…

Wire fraud

Wire Fraud is the intent to defraud or proved fraud that was conducted through communication channels like telephone, television, email, and others. The penalties can include heavy jail time and large fines.

Bank fraud

Bank Fraud is the term used to connect the illegal attainment of assets or money from a financial institution through deceit or fraud in the form of a scheme. Penalties can be hundreds of thousands dollars in fines and/or a lengthy prison sentence. 

fraud against the US

Government Fraud is a charge brought against someone accused of making false claims, misusing funds, and/or scamming the government of funds or programs. Generally this kind of fraud is prosecuted by the federal judicial system.

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At Arora Law, our attorneys have more than 4 decades of combined experience protecting clients’ rights and reputations when they’ve been charged with white-collar offenses. As former prosecutors, we anticipate how the prosecution will build its case, enabling us to build a strong defense against harsh penalties.

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