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If you believe mistakes were made during your trial, you should seek to appeal the decision. The appeals process is complex, but this does mean you cannot have your conviction overturned. A reputable appeals attorney will take you through the process step-by-step. Showing you areas where your original trial let you down and how you can approach appealing the verdict.

This is the only way you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of reversing the verdict.  Call Arora Law at (404) 609-4664 or contact us online today for your free initial consultation. We proudly assist Spanish-speaking clients (Se habla Español) or Hindi.


Appeals, also known as post-conviction relief, are sought by many convicted parties found guilty by a criminal jury or during a bench trial (as laid out by The Georgia Code § 5-6-33 – Right of appeal). Before an appeal, convicted parties have the right to motion for a new trial. A motion for a new trial is part of the appeals process; however, the motion must be filed within the post-conviction statutory period.

Our attorneys have experience appealing directly to the Georgia Court of Appeals or the District Courts of Appeals. If the motion for a new trial post-conviction statutory period expires, it’s not the end. Our attorneys will adjudicate cases before the Georgia Supreme Court or the Supreme Court of the United States. In addition, we will always stay in constant communication with you about new developments in your appeals case. We know how important every bit of progress is, and will always offer honest expectations and straightforward advice.


Filing motions
for new trials

In order to have the jury’s guilty verdict reversed, we file a motion for a new trial. We can accomplish this by presenting the motion before the same judge who presided over your original trial. Moreover, this process allows us to present evidence that was not presented at trial. Enabling us to highlight the mistakes made during the course of the trial.


If a motion for new trial is not successful, we file an appeal with either the Court of Appeals or the Georgia Supreme Court. In addition, we thoroughly search for any errors in the trial transcript. Then draft aggressive briefs for the appellate courts to secure a reversal of the case.

Filing for
habeas corpus

When all appeals have failed, your final option is filing a writ of habeas corpus (Latin for “you have the body”). Ultimately, at this stage, we argue constitutional violations that were not litigated during the appeal.

Expunging criminal records

Georgia expungement laws have seen significant changes since 2013. Because of these changes, many more people with criminal histories may be eligible to receive expungement of their records. However, our attorneys stay consistently apprised of Georgia expungement laws to help you restore your chances at a better future.


When you decide to launch an appeal, every moment is critical. Criminal statutes have strict time limits on appeals. Therefore, you need to act quickly and hire an appellate attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable, and willing to efficiently and effectively review your case’s entire court order.

The court system is complex, and it’s not something we expect you to be completely familiar with. However, our attorneys have over four decades of experience reviewing case files and transcripts from our clients’ initial jury or bench trials; our experience translates into success for our clients in the Appellate process.



There are two main areas where people often face unfair treatment, which can provide the base for an appeal, these are:

The judge making legal mistakes during the first trial. You may or may not be aware of any mistakes. However, an experienced lawyer will be able to look at the transcripts and evidence presented in your trial and find mistakes.

Your original lawyer failed to do their job up to an acceptable standard. Everyone is human, and mistakes get made. It’s possible your original lawyer did not represent you to an acceptable standard. This can be grounds for filing an appeal.

Our lawyers will deconstruct your case and examine every piece of evidence. Then reconstruct your case giving you our honest and professional opinion of what the outcome should have been.

We are often looking for what is called a “Plain error.” Plain errors are errors an appellate court will determine to be an error a lower court made. Specifically, an error that had an effect the outcome of your trial. Moreover, plain errors affect your constitutional rights, and they form some of the strongest evidence for an appeal.

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Drug Offenses

As soon as you are arrested or discover you are under investigation, the clock is ticking. To ensure the best possible outcome in your drug case, you need to act quickly and hire a criminal defense firm that is experienced, knowledgeable, and able to protect your rights during even the toughest litigation.



When you decide to launch an appeal, every moment is critical. Moreover, criminal statutes have strict time limits on appeals, so you need to act quickly and hire an appellate attorney who has the experience, knowledge, and willingness to efficiently and effectively review your case’s entire court order.

Criminal Defense

At Arora Law, we handle all criminal law cases that include DUI charges, drug charges — from small-quantity possession to large-quantity manufacturing — and white-collar crimes such as fraud and forgery.

DUI Defense

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) becomes part of a permanent criminal record that follows you for the rest of your life. At Arora Law, we understand that serious offenses such as DUI call for serious litigation.


Ultimately, when someone is arrested in Georgia, the impact could remain long after the case is closed. In addition, if a case is not closed out properly, it could lead to issues with employment, housing, financial loans, educational tuition, and the like.


White Collar Crime

At Arora Law, our attorneys have more than 4 decades of total experience protecting clients’ rights and reputations after facing charges of white-collar offenses. Moreover, as former prosecutors, we anticipate how the prosecution will build its case, enabling us to build a strong defense against harsh penalties.

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