What happens if you plead Nolo Contendere (No Contest)?

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Nolo Contendere, which is latin for “No Contest,” might be a good option to use if you have been charged with some minor offenses or a first-time DUI. Pleading Nolo Contendere might allow you to avoid certain consequences, depending on your specific situation. This is just one of the legal strategies available to you. 

In DUI cases for example there are many things to consider. Nolo Contendere (“Nolo”) can only be used if it is a first-time DUI offense. We always recommend talking to a criminal defense attorney, like those at the Arora Law Firm, before going forward with any legal situation. 

Pleading Nolo Contendere might not be the right option, or best option, for you and your situation. Hit the button below to send us a message or schedule a consultation.

No Contest Meaning

The legal process is a complex system of statutes, procedures and court rules (specific to the jurisdiction). This is not a bad thing! Lawyers spend years learning the ropes and gaining experience. One thing that most people know about though is the part of a trial proceeding where the judge asks “How do you plead.” Most people know about “Guilty” or “Not guilty.” There is another option. That’s what Nolo is. 

This plea means that the charges you are accused of will not be contested–meaning you are not admitting any guilt; rather, you are acknowledging that the plea is in your best interest as you may be convicted if you go to trial. 

In certain situations this deal can be beneficial to a defendant. Pleading Nolo means that you accept the sentences without declaring your guilt. Further, a Nolo plea cannot be used against you in civil lawsuits and in some cases future prosecutions. 

Why would someone plead No Contest?

There are some real benefits to not pleading guilty or not guilty. Still, we must also state that there are some limitations. 

Benefits of No Contest:

  • Avoiding points on your license
  • Avoiding admitting guilt
  • Possible lighter sentence
  • Possible dropping of other charges

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