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What to do if you've been charged

Drug Offenses can ruin a person’s future. Our attorneys focus on preventing that through all possible defenses and legal avenues. If you have been charged with drug trafficking related to the possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, or any other illegal substance you should contact us. Our firm can help build your case, defend your rights, and expose potential faults in the prosecution’s case and evidence. We offer honest prospects for your case and we will always keep you in the loop. 

It’s not unprecedented for a law enforcement agent to arrest a person in connection to a crime, like drug possession or trafficking, but many times the connection is not there. A person being arrested for being in physical proximity to illicit substances is not the same as the person purposely committing an offense. Violations of Fourth Amendment rights is also not unheard of. Our firm’s goal is to make sure the prosecution is not being callous with your rights. The evidence brought against a person charged with drug trafficking is of course important but even more important is how that evidence was gathered or found. Without experienced attorneys like those at Arora Law that crucial detail could be overlooked. 

Drug Trafficking laws in Georgia give strict punishments to those convicted. Carrying as little as 4 grams of heroin can land a person 5 years in jail, or more. Drug Trafficking laws carry mandatory minimum sentences often both in State and Federal courts. Because of these severe consequences the best way to maximize a positive potential outcome for you or a loved one is to contact a defense attorney quickly. 

Our attorneys are former prosecutors and have years of experience dealing with criminal defense cases at both the state and federal level. We thoroughly examine our client’s cases to look for the best possible strategy and commit to a strong defense. Contact us today. 

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Drug Offenses

As soon as you are arrested or discover you are under investigation, the clock is ticking. To ensure the best possible outcome in your drug case, you need to act quickly and hire a criminal defense firm that is experienced, knowledgeable and able to protect your rights during even the toughest litigation.



When you decide to launch an appeal, every moment is critical. Criminal statutes have strict time limits on appeals, so you need to act quickly and hire an appellate attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable and willing to efficiently and effectively review the entire court order of your case.

Criminal Defense

At Arora Law, we handle all criminal law cases that include DUI charges, drug charges — from small-quantity possession to large-quantity manufacturing — and white collar crimes such as fraud and forgery.

DUI Defense

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) becomes part of a permanent criminal record that follows you for the rest of your life. At Arora Law, we understand that serious offenses such as DUI call for serious litigation.


When someone is arrested in Georgia the impact could remain long after the case is closed. If a case is not closed out properly, it could lead to issues with employment, housing, financial loans, educational tuition and the like.

White Collar Crime

At Arora Law, our attorneys have the experience and legal expertise in protecting clients’ rights and reputations when they’ve been charged with white-collar offenses. As former prosecutors, we anticipate how the prosecution will build its case, enabling us to build a strong defense against harsh penalties.

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