Delta-8 : The Debate Over Marijuana Just Got Stickier

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Update March 22nd, 2022: Some information found in this article may be old. As the law continuously changes we strive to provide up-to-date information. Check out our latest article on Delta-8 in Georgia by clicking here.


As the conversation around marijuana continues to smolder, Delta-8 is the newest name in the game. To begin, we’ll need to start with the difference between marijuana and hemp. Hemp is a type of plant that has many different manifestations. If the version of the hemp plant has a certain amount of THC, then its flower is called marijuana and is not legal. On the other hand, if the hemp plant has a negligible amount of THC then it is commonly marketed as CBD. So what does all this have to do with Delta-8 (which is currently legal)?

What is Delta-8?

The high one gets from marijuana is due to a THC molecule scientifically known as Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol. Unlike Delta-9, our buddy, Delta-8, is legal because it is created by manipulating one molecule within the hemp plant and thus changing it from Delta-9 to Delta-8. The importance here is that this newly popularized molecule is the first widespread product that produces a “high” similar to that of using marijuana. 

Right now, hemp derivatives are legal in Georgia, e.g. CBD, creams, seeds, etc. But because of the high you get from “inhaling” Delta-8, one of the hemp derivatives, many states have already revised their criminal statutes in order to make Delta-8 products illegal. So far 12 states have smoked out the legality loophole, and Georgia is expected to follow suit. 

Currently, science is ahead of the law. But inevitably Johnny Law is coming for Delta-8, stems and all.

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